Location: Vienna / Austria
Competition entry

At the intersection of “old” and “new” Vienna the pedestrian and bicycle bridge 'Connecting Link' mediates between this two different urban positions. The bridge creates a window which allows for communication between both positions without being part of one or the other side.
Typologically and technologically 'Connecting Link' is an independent structure in both “pictures” of Vienna. By tilting the body of the bridge upwards the structure forms an arch allowing ships to pass through.
The structural design of the project is the first proof of a feedback generating tool for free form surfaces. According to the emerging forces the structural design concept provides “muscles” following the bending moments, illustrating the logic of the structure. As a consequence, the bridge gains lightness and dynamics. Learning from ship building techniques and airplane design the bridge is built as a semi-monocoque body. This design strategy helped to reduce the weight of the bridge - which has to be lifted - to one third of a traditional structure spanning the same distance.
The project is an international architecture competition entry
copyrights: falkeis.architecs
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